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Virtual Asset Walkthrough

  • Cutting edge technology allowing the brand to create a virtual, online replica of any physical hospitality asset (rooms, common spaces, facilities, equipment) where users can easily walk-around a fully digitalized, responsive and interacting ecosystem with direct monetization.

Digital Marketing Interactive Videos

  • Holistic walkthrough user experience by creating interactive video content, showcasing and highlighting products and services along the walkthrough itself, as well as “how to” explanatory videos as an additional element

  • Engaging relevant sector mentors, coaches & influencers to promote on media


Hotel Digital Interactive Solutions

  • Optimized Hotel Communication_ visitors’ communication management system, centrally controlled and allowing content distribution to all communication devices. i.e. mobile phones and tablets in addition to the traditional Smart TV interaction

  • Smart Room enabler and enhancer

  • Custom app design as per individual needs and as per relevant facilities

  • Digital signage solution allowing creation, scheduling and distribution of hotel content with the use of digital multimedia signs.

  • Software and hardware provision or integration to existing hotel digital screens’ system

  • Interactive solution with hotel informational and promotional content

  • Queue management systems, either contactless or via touch screens, allowing visitor queues’ efficient handling

  • Centrally managed by the hotel reception or relevant team

  • Integrated in the hotel app or stand-alone service

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